What I can do for you

  • Acrylic and oil paintings of emotive landscapes based on the North Yorkshire coastline and National Parks Moorland.

  • Easy process to Commission any painting of your very own.

  • You can come and visit me at my Saltburn Studio (North East, UK) by appointment, just drop me a line and we can make an appointment to come see my available work.

  • Art in your office? Art is available for hire and to buy for corporate clients.

  • I sell in galleries in the UK and in my online shop. If you don't see anything that's for you please get in touch and we can discuss your needs and specifics.

a little bit about why

Hi may name is Marna (mar-na) and I'm an oil painter based in Saltburn, a small victorian seaside town on the North East coast of England.

I trained at the Manchester School of Art in the late 90s, where she started my experiments into expressionism and texture. It was a time of great confusion for me and I retreated into painting the only thing that I felt connected to, which was the landscape of my childhood home.

I grew up amid the unyielding elements of the North Yorkshire high moors, which created an essential safe-haven in my world as a very sensory overwhelmed person. Peace, solitude and connection is an important theme running throughout my landscape work. My paintings speak for me and communicate when I cannot.

I hope my paintings express what is deep within us all when we have the noise taken away. When we can drift and be at peace. A connection to ourselves, to others and to nature that we all share. A place of peace, of retreat, of safety.

a little bit about how

I use acrylic & oil paint in my larger landscape paintings, concentrating on texture and colour to help create the atmosphere I feel when thinking of my time growing up in the isolation of the North Yorkshire Moors. My work is so heavily based on emotions it often appears abstract and is not generally a direct representation  of a specific area.

I document ideas for colour combinations in my sketchbooks and love layering acrylic inks, soft pastel and pencils both coloured and carbon to test out how far I can push combinations and textures.

Glazing and using transparent coloured washes are my favourite way of expressing the moorland layering, cold wax and inks make up part of my process too. I love playing with materials, the energy that ink and soft pastels create are a wonderful contrast to using oil and wax.