The Process

Commissioning your own painting is easier than you think, and the term ‘commissioning’ simply means that you contact an artist and ask them to create a painting specifically for you, whether that painting is a landscape, rather than buying a pre-existing painting that an artist has previously painted.


  • Once you're happy that you like my style enough to trust me with your commission you just get in touch by email or the contact form with you idea for a painting.
  • We will then discuss the required subject, painting size, composition, colours, cost, deadlines, framing… etc. I do have a price list for the more popular painting sizes which are estimations to give an idea of what you can expect to pay, they can vary depending on your requirements but not significantly.
  • I will then gather reference material, photos or sketches, and you can send me any of your own photographs that I can use and to work from.
  • Once everything has been finalised, I will send you an email with everything we discussed so that you have everything in writing and you are comfortable with going forward. To secure the commission you will then need to pay a non refundable deposit of 50%. There are no refunds at this point because of the many hours of research and dedicated time undertaken just your needs.
  • I will then start work. I don't usually email photos throughput the work, not because I don't want to but I normally to so engrossed in the painting that I forgot all else around me. So I find it best to wait until the end stages and then I will get in touch and show you where I am with your piece. At this stage you can see how your painting is developing and can advise on any changes or alterations you might like. 
  • You are more than welcome to get in touch before that and ask for a progress report and I will be happy to update you.
  • When the painting is finished and you are happy with the final images sent through the final 50% payment will be required. Once that has been processed I will then arrange an insured delivery, normally by courier to you.
  • It's as simple as that.

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